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Hi Yall,

I know it’s been awhile since I posted something and I believe I said the same thing back in April, But I been really busy with RL and SL. Well to it, I have made a big move I took the time out sometime in Aug of last year to Really check out a new sim that I had read about in the Prims Magazine in that same month Turns out it had been there awhile sometime back in 2006 I believe,

Map of City

As I walked New Babbage the streets where full of old buildings dating back to the 1800’s fog covered the streets in the early morning and as I entered a few of the buildings and seen the great work that they had done in early building of machines of that time I just fell in love So I knew I had to be a part of this I was so pumped on getting a place and start building something I had no idea what to build But I knew I just had to build something So I got me a small piece of land and started looking around to find what I though would be nice to try and something I had not seen in New Babbage.

The Brick Machine.

Little did I know that would take me almost a year to finish. I found the blue prints and started to build a brick machine that was top of the line back in the 1800’s, I know your thinking to your self how is it that he can go from art shows and a art gallery to building a brick machine but to me it’s all art in Second Life The things I have seen in the year in a half that I have been there have been great so the trying was the best part of it..Yes I did get mad from time to time because I could’nt do something are a script I was working on would’nt do what I wanted it to do And not being really good at scripting really started to show. But I never gave up and after a year I was finished. It really turned out better then I though it would and people that see it really seem to like it.

In The Snow

So when you get time and see this page and want to stop on by Please do I really think you will enjoy it been moving things around desided a month ago that I needed a bigger place for it and wanted to add more things to it to really give it that feeling you was really walking into a brick factory. So I will be posting the link to the new place here on the Right side So do stop by and Enjoy.

Buildings Front

Posted by: moeshere Foxdale | April 3, 2011

Artrims Creations Back

Sorry yall it’s been sometime since I posted here, over a year can you believe it. I been really busy building and making a place for me in Babbage a 1800’s World of Steampunk, With that and RL getting in the way I just have’nt taken the time to post for that I’m sorry and will try to do better…Also in Babbage I been working over a year building a 1800’s brick making machine and I’m Happy to say I’m almost done with it…I will be posting pictures of my work So don’t worry and how to get there it’s really a great place, Also I was turned on to another website called Were they have it set up just like SL but 0 lag can you believe it But I’m about to get a place there So I will let you know how it goes Be good and God bless More to come…

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8.20.10 Sucks Sometimes.

Hey yall I know it’s been awhile since I posted my last post but been working trying to get the new store open and running to find my self one month later having to close it…Sucks don’t it…

But thats how life deals us sometimes I will still have the place at runaround sues for the time being but don’t know when I will be back to building and making things full time again..

Things in my RL are getting in the way and taking up alot of my time at the moment and school is about to start for my kids…So I think I’m going to be taking a break from it all

But I will be in from time to time just not as much as I truly want too…So just take care and be kind to one another best wishes in Second life and remember sale, sale, sale hehe…

lots of love me..

Moeshere Foxdale.

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