Posted by: moeshere Foxdale | June 18, 2010

Someone New To WordPress

Wanted to get over here and see what they had to offer as I have seen many blogs from around the web and I feel that WordPress has what I need to  post great storys on my life and times in Second Life So please bear with me as I learn my way about and bring you up to date with things at my stores and whats been going on with me since I joined Second Life back in July…

New Place

New Store Opening

Since then When I first joined Second Life like all of us I was lost not sure what to do but knew that I really enjoyed the whole thing about being a part of another world I first got my taste for the Virtual World back a year before that in a site that sadly closed in Dec of 2010 Meta Place, God I miss that place and all the great friends that I met there but that’s how I found out about Second Life was threw the people that I met there, They where like man you have to check it out and I kept putting it off because I was trying to get my footing in Meta Place and all that was new there So I stayed with Meta Place started a Door & Wall Store where I custom made doors and Walls for sale in the Market Place to others in Meta place that wanted something different I really enjoyed doing that and was looking at the future because Meta Place was about to start working with real money for things that I made and things others made so I thought it was going to work out for the best then three months before they closed I got a email from them stating that Meta Place was closing there Virtual World because lack of funding and Costing to much to keep open,  So at that time I had no idea where I was going to go from there, Come on now where in the world is there a job for a man that makes doors and walls that really are not there…but only work in a world that is soon going to be gone. So I was pretty upset with it all then I came across that same friend that told me about Second Life So I desided what do I have to lose So I joined and I have to say that was one of the biggest movies of my life finding Second Life because it was way more then Meta Place had to offer it really was Doors and Walls who needs that stuff when you could build houses and cars and plants and everything that your little mind could think of I was truly at home now. So first off I had to learn my way around and thanks so much for the shelters around Second Life that truly helped me get on my feet and shows me around. When you first join Second Life it really is alot to take in and the people that offer there time and money to help others out is really something to see and be a part of I am truly blessed to have know them and most still do to this day they are my friends here and meeting new ones everyday.

So the first thing after learning my way around was get a place to live we met some great people that turned out in the long run to be really mixed up in RL and SL if you get what I mean but it was a great learning Place for me to understand how the land worked and how things got payed and what you could build with what you had I ended up getting a castle that they gave away at one of the freebie shops that I made my first home in and I was very happy there My partner to this day in all my stores was a girl I met looking for land to rent and she even ended up leasing the land next to mine and so are friendship grew from there so I have known mizzy as long as I have been in SL and together we had fun learning to build and well delete alot of stuff we built LOL, Not meaning to but we did but it’s all in learning is’nt it so we desided the two of us to open a art gallery and we came up with Artrims Creations and rented some more land and started building the art gallary where we met alot of great people and before long we ended up needing another building bigger then the one we had because there was alot of people out there that wanted to show there stuff in are place so we built another place right next door to were we where the land was bigger and we could hold more people so after the second building was built I took down are first one losing it in invertory along the way some how but the second one was great also just wanted to do more so We desided to sale it to a great artist that was in are build and truly a great friend to this day her name is nicci and her link to her new gallery is here it’s called World Of Art so please take the time and go see her place she has some of the greatest artists in Second Life showing there and it’s worth the visit I my self still love the art and will always just wanted to start making more stuff and I love to mess with stuff and scripts so I desided to start making all kinds of stuff that others could enjoy having at there homes and places of business So Im still on the road to learning and still will be for sometime But I feel I’m a great person and would never do no one wrong with nothing I have and if you really need it I don’t mind giving it…So if you haven’t had time to check out Second life please do and I truly hope to see you there more to come later God Bless and enjoy your life no matter where you are..


  1. Hi hun just dropped by to see what you had going here 🙂 enjoyed what you have written so far hope to see more in the near future, I was lucky enough to know you in all three worlds 😉 tc xoxox ciao Aly

  2. Moe
    I really enjoyed reading your blog and visiting your stores. The blog inspired me to reflect on my own SL arrival and the arrival of various friends. You have been a great friend since Metaplace. I also miss Metaplace but I am glad that many of our MP friends migrated to Second Life (SL). It has been fun to learning and creating in SL with friends (new and old). Especially friends who will help when a building has been accidentally deleted (LOL), a sidewalk has to be built, terrain must be repaired, or a dancing buddy is needed. LOL, LOL… Friendship rocks!

    It has been fun hanging out with all of my SL friends especially you and Mizzy… (remember the pool is always open).

    It has been a pleasure and still is a pleasure as our in-world and RL adventure goes on,my friend.

    Take care and I will see you in-world.

  3. Thanks, my friend. Your blog inspired me to try WordPress for an OpenSim/OSG blog (Sarvana Cherry). I added a link to your WordPress blog.

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