Posted by: moeshere Foxdale | June 20, 2010

Fathers Day

Well wanted to get back with yall on the time I spent today in Second Life.

Been really working trying to get the other store off the ground and get things put up and get them out for sale it’s truly been fun building the store.

I do see that there is a great place on the sim to go dancing it’s Open space and by the sea witch gives it great view from all points and him are her also have a great photo studio in line with the club So when I get sometime I’m going to dance my butt off. And the great thing about the place is you can see it from my building

I know here lately I been really putting a lot of work into the new place and the main store but really want people to enjoy them self’s when stopping by and not having to run threw it but to have fun being there Also don’t want them to think they have to buy something to stay there are to look around I will also be adding more things to the site as I learn my way around it and getting things down pat to making it a better place to come waste your time reading what I have to write about He,He..

I ran in to sarvana today witch was really nice not seeing her in sometime it’s funny sometimes in Second Life when you start missing someone from not being around Then boom they show up witch I find really cool Me and Mizzy do that all the time like we read minds are something Hell when she’s not there and I need to talk with her about something we need getting done boom with in that first two hours after me thinking it she shows up.

Speaking of that didn’t see her tonight maybe things in RL had her tied down but hell being saturday night she should of been out partying He,He…I know I would if I could…

Oh and ran into cali girl she’s a good friend from when I first started Second Life She just got a few av’s out there So it’s hard for me to keep up…T.C. was around also went by his gallery tonight, haven’t seen him in sometime always busy.

But man that guy got some great art, I’m also going to be linking to his store so bear with me and you will be able to enjoy his art as much as we have over the year that I have know him,

Come to think about it he was around when I opened the first store in Second Life So Yall it’s kind of late need to try and get some sleep maybe pop back in Second life really fast see who’s around. He,He

Well Happy Fathers Day to all the great fathers out there and you know who you are the kids need fathers in there lives so don’t forget guys…


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