Posted by: moeshere Foxdale | June 23, 2010

06.23.10 Fashion Fest

hey yall,

Sorry it’s been a few days since I last posted a blog but been pretty busy getting some stuff built for a raffle that there doing for the fashion fest on July 2th thur the 11th

I’m not sure what sim’s it’s going to be on because I hear there building it all now But it’s going to be big and they do this ever year from what I’m told So if yall are needing the info contact me, Moeshere Foxdale and I will for sure get you the notecard about it

If you give some stuff for the raffle they said they will in return give you ad space on some of the boards around the fest so that would be great for your business Just thought I would get that out there if you may want to get some ad space for yours…

I redesigned a building I built and thought I would share some of the pictures of it with you so you can see what I been up too.

This is the outside facing view of it I made it about seven story’s tall and this one has two towers in stead of one that I built first  This will also be in the raffle so I hope you have some great luck winning it. Here are some more of it from the top down view So you can see that also.

So as you can see the view down is pretty cool  if I don’t say my self  This is also over looking my stores at chicken World where I built the main stores I have four that are mine and four that I rent out to people so if your in need of some space to rent let me know. Here is a view of the towers between both of them I built a walk way between them so it would be easy to get from one to the other.

As for the walkway there will be no other way to enter the towers with out a teleport I felt that would be alot better for people and a lot more private

Plus you can keep the Teleport set to just the group and if you have only one are two in your private group then your safe from others getting into it all the time..

I have taking the time to install a fireplace in both towers that is built on the top floor of both So this is a view of the fireplaces I installed.

I think it adds a nice home feel to the whole room and would feel great on them rainy nights when your stuck at home if it would rain in your world hehe…That is up to you this is a floor to floor view from top looking down.

I hope you enjoy the photo’s as much as I enjoyed making and taking them So if you get time please stop by My link for the main store is to the right in Links as for alot of my friends places are too. I called this the tower of dreams in case you may want to get it for that man of yours are maybe you just want a place for your self thats up to you

But I sure hope to see you at Artrims Creations and to you all out there in blog land

lots of love and see you in..


a place for dreams


  1. W-o-W!!!!!
    You guys have been busy. Awesome building. Going in-world in a bit.

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