Posted by: moeshere Foxdale | June 24, 2010


Well I don’t know where to start so I guess the beginning would be nice right hehe…

Well I met with sarvana today at a free music fest part of Second Life’s birthday they turned seven I believe not sure really been working my butt off to get some stuff done and up for sale

Also getting things done for the raffle at the fashion festI want to be a part of,

Well after I got done with that I returned to my main store to get some work done talked with mizzy for a bit she’s still having computer problems hope to have them fixed in a couple days….Need you back at the office girl LOL..

But I returned to the other store after that and desided to work on boxing up some of my music boxes for the raffle also, that reminds me I still have to get a note card done LOL  But hell I desided to take me alittle break and off I went I had some landmarks I wasn’t sure where I got them so I thought I would go check them out before going to bed.

Man I’m glad I did I had a great time I’m so digging steam punk stuff you have no idea don’t know why I got into it but just love the way it all looks I took some pictures of it to show you and if your wanting the link just ask me…You know Moeshere Foxdale hehe…I don’t mind sharing it with yall So here are some pictures I took hope you enjoy them…

Front Entry To The SteamPunk World

See now can you dig that man the work that went into the place is really something and the Robot Freaking rocks you have to see it so here are some more to keep that motor running hehe….

Flying Baby

This guy also has the best ships built I have ever seen the work is for sure no.1 in my book

I mean when I grow up I want to be able to build like this…You know at times when you finish something you sit back and say wow you did good and feel good about what you did

Then you see work like this and know you still have so much to learn. here is some more.

I Got This Fly Thing Down

Desided to give you another view of me flying this baby LOL, yea right it’s sitting still but hell I look good doing it…But like everything in Second Life that is for sale you can’t fly till you buy…

That’s how it works hehe But really the place is so big it really gives you a feel of another city all in it’s self.

Outside Looking In.

Well as you can see the ship is sitting still lol but man what a ship it is I mean this is just one of the many ships this guy has built a true artist at building steam punk stuff are hell for that matter what ever he desides right…lets move on ok..

Can You See Meeeeee

Now for me this one was the best I really think this looks great all the bells and whistles on this baby and everyone of his ships have a control panel thats a hud, and for yall out there that don’t know what that is it’s something that attaches to you that only you can see in your screen But this was one great ship…

There Is Dancing

Now he also built a dance club part of the steam punk world and it’s a great place the picture above is the ceiling over the dance floor all of the gears are turning in world as for most of the stuff there it really looked good and the light show is off the hook I will for sure be coming back to that.

Moe Getting The Knife

As I was leaving I seen a place where you can buy all kinds of stuff for your home that is steam punk chairs lamps couches all that and well this mirror I desided to check out then it stabbed me to death…LOL thought I would share that with yall LOL well thats about it I hope you enjoyed the pictures of my walk around the steam punk world

Now like I said if you would like the link contact me and I will for sure pass it on to you are just stop by the main store I are mizzy should be there if I’m on line the links for my store is to the right on the main page I have also linked the webpage for the guy that built all this stuff  there also T. King is the artist.  So please enjoy.

as for all my friends Lots of love



  1. Wooooot! Steampunk rocks!!! Awesome creations! You should video taping your next visit. I have just started using Fraps (realtime video recording software). I bought it… well worth the $$ (not much). Check out my “test video”:

    PS: Thanks for the links. I will be adding a “Business Networking Exchange (BizXnet)” Page to my RL website which will feature the links of various in-world friends, associates, and landmarks.

    Keep up the blogging… Great stuff, dude. Will look for you and Mizzy in-world…

    TC, my friend

  2. Sorry about that.. Was replying while hiding behind my OSG twin’s pic… hehe… This second life, triple life, RL stuff get tricky at times.. LOL, LOL

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