Posted by: moeshere Foxdale | June 26, 2010

06.26.10 Main Store

I hope this finds everybody enjoying your weekend

it’s so nice at times to just kick back after a hard week of work So have a few drinks enjoy your self and have some fun…

I wanted to share a main picture I took of the store from up top..

Now the building on the left and right are the ones I been renting so if you looking for a place come on by the rent is about the same with every body out there

But with mine comes the dance floor that you can have your own party’s at are just invite the friends over to dance… invite them to the opening of your place I have three left at this point top left side has been rented already by a great friend.

The other stores off in the sunset is Artrims Main Stores I have alittle bit of everything and If it’s not there ask and I will talk with you about building it are just to ask for help is fine with me…

Artrims Main Stores

I have been trying to build a little in the ways of steam punk did my first piece today and I believe it turned out ok working on other idea’s so if your in need of some steam punk stuff please come by from time to time and look around

I will be centering my time on making more of these pieces for people to enjoy and buy.

Also there having the big Second Life Birthday Party going on now and I did stop by for a bit and enjoyed some of the music they had to offer as I was walking around

I stopped to enjoy there lawn setup and seen that they had worked the logo into the lawn and for yall that didn’t see it There it is I took a picture of it.

Second Life Lawn Work

So isn’t that cool that they took the time to make the hand out of the lawn and I bet a lot of yall out there don’t even see it

Well I better get in world have a lot of work ahead of me and trying to drum up some business

Well yall enjoy  your weekend like I said and have fun

Remember if you get bored please stop by Artrims Creations the link is to the right

Hope to see you there…

lots of love me..




  1. Love your comments and commentary!!

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