Posted by: moeshere Foxdale | June 28, 2010

!!! 06.27.10 Second Lifes Birthday !!!


So have you been to the second life birthday bash yet

Man it’s really something all these great bands playing all the time tonight I went to the cake world and listen to a little bit and did some exploring really had a blast

The artist that did the work on the buildings and the cake did a great job it really is something I took some pictures So you can enjoy them  and maybe take the time your self and get down there

it’s really something when the tab is loading second life click it and it will take you to the party when it says cake land on it for the Second life birthday But you should get to it sometime and enjoy it..Before it’s over..

Horses At The Petting Zoo

Outside The Petting Zoo

Seven Year Cake At Cake Island

Soda Shop

Cake Hearts

Cake and Cookies

Loving Bear.

Cake And Bear At Main Start To Cake Island.

So there you go some great shots I took.

Like I said I really hope you take the time and get down there before it’s over

have a great start to your week. Oh yea don’t forget the fashion fare is coming up next month…

Lots of Love




  1. Great pictures!!!! Keep blogging, my friend!

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