Posted by: moeshere Foxdale | June 30, 2010

06.30.10 Another Month Almost Gone!!!

Hey Can you believe another month is almost gone

Seems like this year is flying by and before long it’s going to be 2011

But till then Happy Humping Day Middle of the week down hill slide to the weekend

I know alot of yall out there are just ready to get your butt away from work and enjoy your self..Things in second life been going good, Went and looked at a buddies sim the other day seems like it’s going to be a music sim

I really think it’s going to be a hit just by the way things are layed out but who knows in Second life right..

When you think something is going to work boom it don’t but got to keep that head up right…Well I got some more stuff done the other day and wanted to share it with you…Hope you can take the time out of your day and come on by and see them up close they really are something working and everything if I don’t say my self hehe…

Feel The Power

The thing with second life to me is meeting new people the friends that I have now..and building stuff thats something I really do as in my RL I love putting things together and working with my hands

Steam Baby It's Hot.

So I guess thats why I enjoy second life so much the fun in dreaming up something to build because in second life everything works LOL

Program The Feed

well yall enjoy your day have fun and I will report more  on the music sim as it’s coming to a close and getting ready to open…

have fun and lots of love



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