Posted by: moeshere Foxdale | July 2, 2010

07.02.10 Ready Set FIRE…

Well I wanted to get on here and wish you a great weekend

Also to tell all of you it being the fourth please take the time to keep them kids safe and away from people that are lighting them off. So many bad things happen to children during the fourth. Blown off fingers, eyes put out, burns,

It’s really sad when all it took was alittle bit of care in watching what there up to.

Now I do understand that somethings just can’t be helped…But I believe if your aware of whats going on around you it shouldn’t happen. But just stay safe and enjoy your weekend

have a great B.B.Q. Get them beers happening, Ladies have a few drinks…and remember all them that fell for us to have this day.

Just before Textures

So I wanted to share some pictures with yall of another building I finished it’s got that steam punk feel to it and wanted to build something of that period

Steam Punk Office Space

So here it is I hope you enjoy it and if you want to come by and own it

just click the link to the right and come on down to the main store it’s all boxes and ready to go

So other then that been working on a few other things thinking about moving again heading to  a place where my work may find more buys not sure yet still kicking it around in my head and see what I come up with…

Well like I said stay safe god bless

Enjoy your self

lots of love



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