Posted by: moeshere Foxdale | July 4, 2010

07.04.10 Happy Fourth From Fashion Fest.

Hi yall,

Hope this finds you all doing good this weekend and enjoying your self’s Wanted to wish you a great fourth of July weekend Hope your all safe and at home with family and friends

For the rest of us stuck at home are having to work I wanted to share with you a great trip I took to the fashion fest that is going strong right now in Second Life it’s something they have every year and it’s great alot of good shows, DJ’s and more clothing then you ever seen in your life so for you women out there this is the place for you hehe…

But I will be making it a point to get to the Fest ever day and enjoy it as much as I can as this is my first time to the fashion fest and so far it really has been something So please take sometime out of your day and come on down maybe not today but it’s going on till the 11th and you really don’t want to miss it.

Some say it’s the best show of the year but I think that the party for Second Life’s birthday was pretty dam cool but the days are still early for the fest so we will see,

Here is a picture I took of me enjoying sometime in paris at the Fest hehe..

Riding In Paris

Now the ride is free just Get on and go really enjoyed my time on the horse and cart was something to see the fashion fest from another view as I was riding maybe next time I will take alot more pictures to share with yall that can’t make it..I shared with yall before that I have had some ad’s run at the fashion fest and this shot is just one of the boards I have displaying the company Logo So you get a chance click it and come see me I really would enjoy meeting and see you…

Artrims Creations Up In Lights..

Oh and for you that can make it I have posted a link to the right. So you can check the times of the shows that are going on till the 11th that way you don’t miss nothing Have a great time and hope to see you there lots of love



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