Posted by: moeshere Foxdale | July 7, 2010

07.07.10 Fashion Fest Time Running Out..

Hi yall

Fashion Fest 1

So glad to get back by here and post another great blog for yall..

Happy Hump Day….

Fashion Fest DJ's

Things at the fashion fest are going great there has been some really great shows there and the DJ’S that are playing the shows are just off the hook

Fashion Fest Buildings

So please if you haven’t been there take the time and get down there it’s really helps alot of people out there that are dealing with cancer in the real world and that’s what this has been about year after year So do your part and get to the fashion fest and give,give,give…

Fashion Fest Shows

They really do need it to help fight this killing bug that has taken so many lives.

Fashion Fest Water Ponds

There is still alot of great shows going on down there and alot more bands still to play

Fashion Fest Raffle GiveGiveGive

So I hope to see you down there

lots of love

Fashion Fest Shopping



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