Posted by: moeshere Foxdale | July 17, 2010

07.17.10 Artrims Creations Come Enjoy.

Well How we all doing out there in Blog land

Wanted to first wish you all a great and loving weekend hope you and your familys are doing great and your time in Second life has been fun and enjoyable.

I have redesigned my place added some water right down the  middle of my place giving that Steam life with fish and jellyfish to swim and grow in

I also redesigned the back area and put in a big screen Tv for people of the group to enjoy with friends have chairs there for six…Also been working on a few things to give people more of a choice of what you may like..

Flowing water give that stream life

So please take the time and come on by and enjoy  your visit and if you can’t find what you need just ask Idon’t mind trying to build it for you..

Feel The Power

Link to my place is there to the right top one so please do stop by.

lots of love me moe..


  1. Hey, Moe. I’ll have to stop by your shop and meet the guy who gives me such a confidence boost every day. 🙂

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