Posted by: moeshere Foxdale | July 27, 2010

07.27.10 Come See New Logo.


  1. Hey, Moe. Ok you said to give it to you straight, so I will. The new logo… hmmmmm. The name of your company is blurry and illegible. You def want people to be able to read the name of your company. The little name tags on the side are off-putting. “I said Good Day” is like saying “go away, I said.” You def don’t want to say that to your customers! The color scheme is also a bit harsh – yellow and black reminds me of hornets or caution tape – two things I want to avoid. lol You seem like the sweetest fellow around and I know you’ll come up with something that welcomes people to your shop. :))

  2. Well thank you hon…and with that I redid it and I hope you like this one..

  3. Ah, yes, much better, Moe. Clear and crisp and your store’s name seems to leap off the screen. You’re going to give me a swelled head with all your lovely comments, though. :))

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