Posted by: moeshere Foxdale | July 30, 2010

07.31.10 Weekend Fun.

Hi yall wanted to get by here and post a blog before the weekend took off

I did’nt have time to get to it Late last night I was going over some of my pictures after modding some to upload to SL and I came across a picture of my very first store

when I joined Second Life and Thought I would share that with you now.

My Very First Store In SL

Would’nt believe I started off saleing art in Second Life now did you

but it was a great learning tool And with that store I met some of the greatest people I have to this day as friends, Matter of fact I sold that store to a very good friend witch in turn, turned it into World Of Art And Fashion

it sure has grown with her running it far from where I would have taken it.

Don’t get me wrong I loved doing it and loved the store and what I was doing just my heart was into making things and building stuff and well art was’nt filling that spot So I desided to move on and start building what ever came to mind and well here it is to day…Artrims Creations…

Artrims Creations Now

This place here has eight buildings on it,  four I was renting and the other four I used as my own place to display my things I been making over the year

But to find out I have out grown this place and this weekend is looking to get me a bigger spot I have other stores on other sims..that will stay open till I get the new stores and place build.

it’s funny how you start off at something and it keeps growning left and right I’m very happy with what I have done and are going to do

but we will see where that takes me, Alot of my friends been asking me,

Where the hell did you get the name…Artrims Creations…

Well if you just take the Art…with what I started with and we work with prims…right..just removed the P and slid them together because in my heart they do belong together so there you have it…Artrims Creations…Hope you enjoyed that little fact about me and the name..

Have a great and loving weekend Hope to see you all one day at the store from time to time till then god bless and take care.

lots of love me




  1. So, that where you got the name… Artrims Creation. lol, lol good name!

    And I am alive… So many major changes in RL…
    “Update @ 11”

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