Posted by: moeshere Foxdale | August 4, 2010

8.4.10 Weddings WOW

Well yall it’s been awhile since I did a page on my blog and I thought it was about time I did and let yall know what I been up too…

I been working really hard on getting the main shop moved, I really did’nt want to move again I had planned on staying at that one for sometime but I just couldn’t pass up on the money I’m saving plus…it’s a friend of mine

So I feel in the long run it was a better deal, will have to wait and see how that all works out…

Well I had to go to a wedding

Wazza Kissing Her Man.

My first since I joined Second Life over a year ago and I do have to say it was pretty touching to watch knowing my friend wazza was very happy that day and been looking forward to that day for so long

Wazza getting Ready To Say I'm Done hehe..

I hope you enjoyed the pictures it was really cool being a part of it I thought at first it was going to be pretty funny but it turned out very heart warming to be a part of it and I do wish her the best with it all.

She Looks Great.

Well I’m back at work trying to get the new place done.

The building is up the driveway is layed and the lights on the lawn are on…Now I have to stock the store and get the signs up. Also get the ad’s running again and try and draw in that traffic…

Well I do have the store at runaround sues place still open in building 12

So if your over there dancing please do stop by and enjoy the store and some of the stuff I been building over the time in Second life..

Have a great week and watch out for that heat out there..

Lots of love me


Artrims Creations.


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