Posted by: moeshere Foxdale | August 8, 2010


Hi, Hope this finds you all enjoying your weekend I hope you had a good one.

Well for me I been working my butt off trying to get the new store open and going this week the trucks came in on friday and I been busting my butt all weekend to get it open by Monday.

I can see I just may make it..

Trucks Arrive Friday Yea....

If you get time please come by and enjoy all the work I been doing trying to give all my new comers a great feel to want to shop are just enjoy the textures I have chosen for the store

Also I added a nice water pond in the back with gills and ducks for the people that love the out doors have a seat and enjoy the view.

Not this week but come next week I’m going to be throwing some kind of party to bring in the new store just had so much this week going on that I haven’t had time to set something like that up…

Well yall get time do stop by…


I hope you enjoy your week ahead and stay out of trouble,

Stay safe and god bless you all.

Moeshere Foxdale

P.S. Link To New Store Right Side In Links.

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