Posted by: moeshere Foxdale | April 3, 2011

Artrims Creations Back

Sorry yall it’s been sometime since I posted here, over a year can you believe it. I been really busy building and making a place for me in Babbage a 1800’s World of Steampunk, With that and RL getting in the way I just have’nt taken the time to post for that I’m sorry and will try to do better…Also in Babbage I been working over a year building a 1800’s brick making machine and I’m Happy to say I’m almost done with it…I will be posting pictures of my work So don’t worry and how to get there it’s really a great place, Also I was turned on to another website called Were they have it set up just like SL but 0 lag can you believe it But I’m about to get a place there So I will let you know how it goes Be good and God bless More to come…


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